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Enterprise blockchain created a lot of buzzword. However, its adoption was slow due to technical complexities, operational overhead, challenges in maintenance of the infrastructure and lack of skilled resources. These challenges acted as deterrents to adoption of enterprise blockchain for a while, until many small and large cloud providers jumped into offering BaaS solutions.

Customers can build, deploy and use their own blockchain applications and chaincode on blockchain using Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) offerings. All the necessary activities and tasks like scalability, infrastructure agility and infrastructure operationally are taken care by the cloud service provider. Indirectly it is boosting a lot in terms of blockchain adoption. Many cloud vendors have included blockchain service as there PaaS offering.

The cloud service provider take care of the blockchain infrastructure for you, in return to subscription and usage fee. Cloud service provider will take care of the setup and maintenance of your blockchain network, connected nodes and all the complexity of blockchain infrastructure for you and your customers. With all the complexity of blockchain network setup and maintenance, security, performance and scalability being shift to cloud service provider, you can concentrate on building distributed applications using chaincode (smart contacts).

BaaS offers a lot on top of its base (also known as its core) example Hyperledger Fabric (base). Enterprise needs to build chaincode and benefit from Hyperledger Fabric; they need to set up the Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure, handle its prerequisites, and configure and maintain it. Enterprises needs to ensure the integration of the installed Hyperledger Fabric environment with a security stake. They should also manage the life cycle of all of the containers. They needs to handle the patching and upgrades. Also need to ensure the system’s huge availability, performance, business network management, and so on. BaaS solution are based on Hyperledger Fabric.

With BaaS Platforms, enterprise’s responsibilities to set up, manage, and maintain the blockchain platform will shift toward BaaS provider. Enterprise can continue to focus on building work class blockchain applications and solutions. Future is of enterprise blockchain and BaaS are going to be the drivers.  Stay tuned for next blog on advance BaaS topics.

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