We strive for a society that treats everyone with love and respect, live where we care for nature and a peaceful life in harmony with each other. We endeavor to create a society where decisions and actions are taken for the greatest good of others, not for the individual’s benefits. If we dream for this, we need to create a social network of influencing each other in only positive way. Do you strive for a positively influenced peaceful society? If your answer is ‘yes’, this book is for you. “Influenceify” is a series of 5 books, which starts with exploring the unknown in life, experimenting with it, engaging with the truth to experience life and the world with curiosity and innocence and, to inspire and positively influence others.

Influenceify is a series of book, which is an attempt to organize much of the wisdom that has been handed down to us by those who have already travel and explored this path. I want, not just him, but all of you, to turn the pages of these books as they are elixir for soul and will be guidepost for you as you make way through life. This wisdom is not mine, it’s ours. May it serve us well!

The attitude that you pose and the choices that you make, affects your future kids, grand kids and beyond, as it may affects the genes. A scientific study ‘epigenetics’ adds to my belief that your personal experience in your own life could influence genes. Example if you smoke when you have kids, then chances are extremely likely that they will be overweight. Another example, if a woman as gestational diabetes or a man is obese during puberty, then there are greater chances their kids may get diabetes at one point of time in their life. Diseases like hemophilia, autism, certain form of cancer and psychological problems are linked to mutation of genes and your life style and behavioral patterns defines a lot, not only for you, but for your future generations as well.

With Influenceify, I want to influence, impress and gift you something different. And to me, “knowledge” and “wisdom” are the best gifts one can ever offer to others. Hence I choose to pass some wisdom that I have experienced by experimenting with life, over the years. Influenceify is an avarice for creating and living in a society which is positively influenced, it’s an attempt to create an auto-influenced ecosystem, where everyone ode peace, love and live a successful happy life.

Influenceify is an attempt to explore life, experiment with it, engage to experience it to the fullest and live an inspiration life. Explorify will allow a little ekphrasis on your heart’s timeline. I hope that it proves to be influential to you!

Your comfort is the cradle for you, and remember, you cannot always live in a cradle.  Start using the word, ‘impossible’ with caution, as there is nothing which is impossible. Continue to concentrate and focus on results and not risks and challenges. There are no risks and challenges that can stop you, when you intent to win and when you win, you will truly justify the risks you took and challenges you accepted. Every time you knock a new frontier, in life, you will bring back more that you could ever imagine.

Explorify will always lead to discovery, which will influence you to turn your dreams into realities, and will give you a reason to hope your future will be forever positive and brighter than your past. Do not limit you exploration with the fact that you don’t belong to somewhere or to something. You belong to wherever you want to go, just stay curious and adaptive, and you will thrive when you get there.

Explorify is not about destination, it’s about what you will find along the way and how greatly that influence you. Explorify, as there is new knowledge to be gained, unknown to be won, experience to be acquired, and many to be influence with your experience.

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