I was quick to realize that universe is infinite and our knowledge is limited. Explorify is my humble attempt to share the wisdom and knowledge, which I have gained so far in the journey. Human share an innate trait – the instinct to explore. Basically, we are all explorers, and during this journey we inspire and influence many. We are just not mindful enough to know whom we are inspiring and influencing at any given moment.

With Explorify, I want to gift you something that I can share with you today. And to me, “knowledge” and “wisdom” are the best gifts one can ever offer to others. Hence I choose to pass some wisdom that I have experienced by experimenting with life, during this journey. Explorify is an avarice for creating and living in a society which is positively influenced.

Writing on various topics like inspiration, self-help, fiction and technology, demonstrates various facets of human life.  Hope you like and bless each of my work. Share what you gain, share your positive thoughts, share your wisdom. Leave your footprints. I tried, am trying and I will continue to try………are you?

Inspiration and Self-Help Books

Inspiration and Self-help books are elixir for soul and will be guidepost as you make your way through life. Books like We Wake With Noah and Explorify falls into this genre.

Technology Books

Technology books covers practical knowledge to help you learn certain technology and adapt it. Some writes blog (well I also do so), some are active on forums and some write books and produces videos. However, intention is clear – to share what you have gained so far. With technology book am on the path to share knowledge. Books like Blockchain quick start guide, BPM Patterns, BPM Developer’s guide and distributed system falls into this genre.

Fiction Books

Am accidental fiction writer. Someone converted my unpublished story book into a script and it is now in process of being a movie. Hopefully by next year, I should be able to write more about book and the movie based on it. Meanwhile, am working on a 3 year project to pen-down my next fiction book “TBD”.

Explorify & Experiment with Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric.

This ledger of knowledge, offers in-depth exploration of distributed ledger technology, blockchain and hyperledger fabric, while demystifying the prominence of blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS).

Your Main Message

Influenceify is an ‘idea’ with an avarice of creating an ecosystem of Evangelist that further inspire and influence each other positively. My idea of Influenceify centers around a series of books on self-help, fiction, technology and movie. It is an attempt to explore life & technology, and to share what I have learnt from “YOU” to “YOU” (Y2Y).

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